Awkward commentary…


An auspicious start to what I hope becomes a consuming hobby (and maybe even profitable).

By way of introduction, I am an uber-geek with 40+ years in the I.T. industry, 50+ years reading sci-fi/fantasy stories, and 60+ years addicted to comic books (notably Superman). When not writing, I can be found building sci-fi/fantasy models, participating in martial arts classes, watching television/movies, or attending to my family.

Primarily, though, I am a writer. I started clear back in grade school, back when LBJ was in the White House, so that gives you some idea how old I am (’nuff said). I kept poking the bear over the years, got a short story published in a now-defunct martial arts magazine (again, ’nuff said), and eventually got around to putting short stories on-line, mostly on FanFiction.Net (for those anime and comic book fans out there). I have just recently published my first novel, available from Sequels already in the works.

I hope you drop in again.


Author: Jeffery L Harris

Jeffery L. Harris has worked in the Information Technology industry from 1976 to 2016, and over the years has done a LOT of writing. At work, he slung code as a developer and consultant, served as a software librarian and a production control traffic cop, and written application documentation, user manuals, and integrated Help Files. At home, he's written fan-fiction, sci-fi short stories, and his first post-Apocalyptic novel (inspired by his Y2K remediation efforts, contemplation of all those 2012 disaster scenarios, and a lifetime of comic books). When not writing, he can be found building sci-fi/fantasy models, participating in martial arts classes, or watching television/movies. He shares his home with one very patient wife, three tropical birds, and three terriers.

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