Another step forward…

Not long ago I had a discussion with Alice Meyer at Beaverdale Books (, who supports local authors by offering shelf-space for their self-published books on a consignment basis. Consequently, she agreed to place a few copies of my novel in that section of her store.

Even more interesting, she also offer options for book signings. For authors who can guarantee attendance of 15-20 people for a book signing, she will host an individual event (it has to be scheduled for the store’s convenience and to ensure the author can provide enough books). The other option is to participate in the store’s Local Author Fair, which is held 2-3 times a year (they just had one in February and will have another in August), when they invite 5-6 authors into the store for an afternoon. Either option is flattering, to say the least.

Looks to be an interesting year.


Author: Jeffery L Harris

Jeffery L. Harris has worked in the Information Technology industry from 1976 to 2016, and over the years has done a LOT of writing. At work, he slung code as a developer and consultant, served as a software librarian and a production control traffic cop, and written application documentation, user manuals, and integrated Help Files. At home, he's written fan-fiction, sci-fi short stories, and his first post-Apocalyptic novel (inspired by his Y2K remediation efforts, contemplation of all those 2012 disaster scenarios, and a lifetime of comic books). When not writing, he can be found building sci-fi/fantasy models, participating in martial arts classes, or watching television/movies. He shares his home with one very patient wife, three tropical birds, and three terriers.

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